crafted by photobiz

When I was a little girl I wanted to be like my cousin Scarlet - an exotic dancer at the Market Street Cinema. She was the epitome of glamour. She would let me dress up in her sequin one-arm tube tops and knee-high leather boots that were thigh-high on my little body. Blue eyeshadow. Hot pink lipstick. Blush that she called rouge. I didn't know exactly what a stripper was but, This. Was. Clearly. The. Dream. 

The first time I picked up a Kodak disposable camera, and began obsessively posing and directing my friends, I knew I'd found my calling. It was all of the things I loved about my cousin's career path. Color. Drama. Bewitchment. Allure. The ability to tell a story, or convey a concept, in order to marionette the viewer's emotions and attention. This is the dream.